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BabyJax spent most weekends, going Marina Square, Suntec City, Plaza Singapura, Bugis etc to satisfy their urge and cravings for PLUSHIES. Having much fun and exhilaration of wonderful catches, we finally realise that our houses are flooded with PLUSHIES. Our intention of setting up this blog is to clear our 'floods' and get back some of our cost to further satisfy our addiction!Hence we truly need your help and support - you can get the plushies for your friends, families, lovers and for all occasions...

All the plushies displayed are caught originally from the UFO Catcher and other similar machines found in arcades and mostly Prize Stage. Most items come with the 'Disney, Sanrio' tags and slips. Even for those without the tags, we reassured that they are all caught from the machines as they come without it. All items when delivered will be wrapped up in simple clear plastic sheet to prevent dust. All prices stated are in Singapore dollars. Items sold will be based on first come first served basis. Items sold are NON-REFUNDABLE/NON-EXCHANGEABLE.

How to place an order?

Please email your order with the ID code of the toy(s) that you wish to purchase to: baby_jax_land@hotmail.com

Order details are as follows:
1) Your name:
2) Contact number:
3) ID code:
5) Quantity:
6) Place of collection:
BabyJax will check and reply your emails within 24 hours. All enquiries are welcomed. We will send an email back to you upon confirmation of your purchase eg. details of the collection venue, date & time. *All transactions have to be made in SGD Cash through meet-ups.
Place of meet-ups

East and Central area; at the various MRT stations, Shopping Malls. Any special request of other areas please include in your email to us. Home deliveries are subjected to availability. This will be subjected to additional charges ( approx. $5) *No minumum purchase is needed.

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Thursday, June 10, 2010


Tiger Rilakkuma = $50
Description : ~ 78cm
Extremely huge and cuddy! ( See the comparison between Yakult and Rilakkuma )
* Buyer of Tiger Rilakkuma will enjoy a free plushie worth $7.90!

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Wednesday, June 2, 2010


LadyBird Mickey & Minnie Pair = $13.90 each
Both for $25!
Description : ~ 15cm
Smiling at you!
Latest : Sold out!!


Pooh ; Mickey ; Marie ; Stitch (Halloween Series) = $12 each~!
All for $45 only!
Description: ~16cm (excluding the pumpkin on top of their heads)
Latest: All sold!


Marie = $7.90
Description : ~ 7cm
Marie fan?


Mickey on Pillow = $6.90
Description: ~8cm


Magician Doraemon (Ball will light up!) = $7.90
Description: ~7cm
It will be nice to hang it on ur baggie!


Miss Bunny = $7
Description: ~10cm
It will look cute on your bag also!


Pink Panther = $8.90
Description: ~10cm


Winnie the Pooh = $7.90
Description: ~9cm


Angel & Stitch Pair = $25 each
$47 for both!
Description: ~30cm
For your valentine...
Latest : Sold both!
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Tuesday, May 18, 2010


Yoshi ( Yellow ; Red ; Blue ) - $20.90 each
Description: ~17cm
Rarrh. I know you want me!


Stitch ( Stitch on a Watermelon) - $6.90
Description: ~4cm
Stitch with scrump? No, with watermelon. Interesting?


Disney Marie Tail - $5.90
Description - ~14cm
I just said, it's a tail. For Marie's Fan! or for prank?


Distorted Scrump - $17.90 ( 1 left, 1 sold)
Warning: It looks abit Distorted, but don't worry, it just came like that!
Description: ~16cm (excluding the ribbon)
Do you still want me? Aren't you my collector? I'm soft....


Hearty Dora Series - $24.90
Description: ~28cm
Just a little love from meow to you....


Miss bunny on Pillow - $6.90 (2 in stock)
Description: ~8cm


Baby Mickey and Minnie - $ 13 each.
Description - ~15cm ; ~18cm
Mickey is winking, what are you waiting for Minnie?


Marie (Heart) ; Marie (Fluffy series) - $8.90 ; $16.90
Description: ~8cm ; ~16cm
White cats, for sale.


Love Care Bear (Keychain) - $ 8.90
Description: ~10cm
Suitable for young lovable huggable kids. If you love your kids.....

Chopper (Sweet Factory; Lady Bug; Bee) - $15 each
$40 for 3 of them!
Description: ~15cm each
One piece fan aren't you?

Stitch in a Jug ; White Bunny ; Hello Kitty HP accessories ; Mickey&Minnie; Japan Big Bird - $6.90 each (except White bunny - $5.90 ; Hello Kitty - $3.90 (Sanrio product) )
Description: ~8cm each (except Hello Kitty ~2cm)
Total random -.- Support Japan? Love Big Bird? You know what to buy!


Minnie with Heart Shapes Eyes - $8.90
Description: ~13cm
Minnie is in love with you.
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Friday, May 14, 2010


Mickey and Minnie with sunglasses - $9 each!
$16 and you get both!
Description: ~18cm
Do you have a hawaii feel??


Black Furry Ball on Leaf ( with sticky pad that can be attached to glass/plastic) - $6
Description : Warning: Super Fluffy ; ~ 8cm
Need something strangely cute in your car? Definitely affordable and attract your friends' attention.


Doraemon Coin Purse - $6 only!
Description: ~8cm in height
Don't know what to get for your kid/friend who loves Doraemon??
Just a simple purse will do!


Reading Winnie the Pooh - $12
Description: ~18cm
Sick of the usual yellow pooh with a pot of honey? Why not a pink one with a book!?


Japanese Stitch & Scrump in Stitch Costume - $10 & $14 respectively. Promotion : $22 for both
Description: ~ 16cm and ~18cm respectively.
Last update: Scrump in Stitch Costume SOLD on 21st March'10. If you're still interested in it, I will try to get another for you, just email me:) Promotion offer still stays.


Mickey with love, Miss Bunny with strap, Mickey and Stitch with straps - $ 7.00 each
Description: ~ 8 - 10cm
Sweet little Mickey with a little heart for your lover?
Latest update: Mickey and Stitch with straps SOLD on 2nd April'10


PIYO - $7 only!
Description: ~8cm
Definitely affordable if you do not know what to get for your little kids. Hang it on their school bags!


Cinnamoroll (Angelic) - $24.90
Promotion: $21.90 only!!
Description: ~30cm
Something cuddly for you?

# 0083

Elmo - $ 9.90 each.
Selling $17.90 for both!
Description : ~14cm
Don't know what to put in the basket? Just make simple foam roses and your lover will be melted with this gift! Warning: ELMO LOVERS ONLY! :)

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